Welcome to Snowpig Weather! This is the weather site... if you're part of the Martin family. =P

Originally built back in the stone age, this site was supposed to house basic weather details for us. Like how hot it was, or how cold it was. That sorta thing. Well, it's gotten a bit more... advanced as we've grown up.

Some of us live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis), some live in Eau Claire, and some live in Madison. We have a vacation house up in Phillips, and a lot of friends there too. So the site is now used to track and keep up to date on everyone's weather.

A majority of the data on this site is accessed via Weather Underground, which is quite honestly the best weather resource out there. Wouldn't recomend anyone else. Seriously.

Mike is the owner of the site, and Greg is the maintainer. (Meaning, I am the one that updates and makes it pretty)

The microphone picture is from this site. :)

If you have any questions, or by chance want a personalized Snowpig Weather page for your area, send Mike or Greg a note and we'll get back to you!

PS: I've done everything on this page by hand. So please don't e-mail me just to say it's ugly or something :(!!