March 19 2005

Hope you like the new layout!

There is alot happening on the centipede and telnet fronts. A number of new bbs's are online you can get the complete info on that by going to the list section of the site.

Centipede continues to run well the last stand has been online for a year with little problems. We have found a couple of small problems and they have been fixed. Be sure to d/l the update library from the files section. This library is included in the new "" but not the original ""

Centipede is now running at high speed. Several of the boards are running at 38400. This is thanks to the latest server software by Jim Brain. Be sure to follow the link to the petscii site so you can check this new item out.

A couple of people are running centipede with the freeware release of 64hdd. If all the bugs can be figured out this would make it simple for most anyone to start a bbs!

There is a comlink library in the centfree zip files (both original and 2). The comlink network is not running right now we are looking into getting it working with the telnet bbs system. Stay tuned here for more information on this. In the I have updated the comlink docs a little, you can d/l the from here to get the library with these latest doc updates

We have added color 64 to the files section. All four disks are there and there is the manual in both commodore format and regular ascii. I will try to get some mods together, but it may take some time.

This should do it for now, be sure to check out the bbs list and if you need info about calling telnet bbs's just go to, all the information is there. Or you can get ahold of me and I can see what I can do for you

Keep the faith, its long from over!

Mike Martin
aka Voyager
sysop laststand bbs.