o Runs on a Commodore 128 in C128, 80 column mode (2 MHz)
o Supports LtK, CMD, and all other C= Drives
o Supports from 300 to 230,400 bps
o Graphics - 80 column C/G, 40 column C/G, ANSI, ASCII, Superes, and RipScript
o Supports up to 15 separate Message Boards
o Each Message Board supports 26 threaded or unthreaded categories.
o Supports up to 15 U/D Categories with 26 directories each, for up to 254 directories, with 300 files per directory. (That's over 76 thousand files!)
o Simulated 40 column display when C64 users are online
o Scripting
o Polymorphic Menu System
o Unlimited online Gaming abilities. (More added all the time!)
o Protocols Xmodem, Xmodem 1k, Punter, Multi-Punter, Y-Modem Batch
o Easy to install add-on features
o ComLink and CommNet - International Messaging Network
o Net64 (Color 64 Network)
o Online Help Files
o Extensive message board editing and control.
o Message Quoting
o E-mail file attachments
o Superior SysOp control features that are built in and EASY to use.
o Local Buffer
o Built in Term program
o Multiplexing on a LtK dual line system.
o Cross-line chat capable with Multiplexed systems
o Individualized user access control.
o Standard, Word-Wrapped, Colored, and Split Screen chat modes
o Automatic detection of peripherals
o Full Screen Text Editor
o Detailed Caller Log
o Very fast system all the way around.
o Full Screen U/D File Selector
o Very programmer friendly; easy to write your own add-ons
o Programmable ALT keys
o Nine access levels, with individual adjustments available.
o Automatic accounts purging
o Customizable new member application
o Up to 1000 lines per message
o Local mode use password
o Error recovery and reporting module