Welcome to, the Martin family homepage.

Snowpig Weather

Go here if you're interested in the weather in Minnesota or Wisconsin.


Snowpig? Huh?
The guys that make snow at Hyland Ski and Snowboard in Bloomington, MN call themselves the snowpigs. Why, the world may never know. But for some reason they do and we've taken it on as the homepage.

What do you use this domain for?
All the family e-mails are based off of it, and we also use it to host weather data (see above). Those that are "in the know" also know that there are plenty of other things hidden in the depths of the snowpig domain, but we keep those a secret. :)

Can I be a snowpig?
No, your nose is too big. :)

I want to learn more!
Then e-mail Mike at mike [at] snowpig [dot] org, and ask him. He might - if you're nice - be willing to tell you everything about the intricite history.